Freshman & Beyond 2023 Awards 2023 Inaugural White Coat Ceremony March 1st, 2023

Freshman & Beyond 2023

On March 1st 2023, the International Medical School of the University of Messina (UniMe-IMS) held the Freshman and Beyond annual event. Organized and directed by Prof. Giuseppe Santoro, Coordinator of the UniMe-IMS, Freshman and Beyond aims to provide useful information to develop students’ awareness for their future goals and to facilitate the regular continuation of their studies.


After the welcome address of the Prorector for the internationalization, Prof. Antonino Germanà, and of the Director of the Department of Biomedical and Dental Sciences and Morpho-Functional Images, Prof. Sergio Baldari, several speakers addressed the challenges of the medical career and fundamental information of medical degree.


The event was structured as follows:

Prof. Giuseppe Santoro, UniMe-IMS Coordinator, gave a general overview of UniME-IMS as well as information on residency programs for medical doctors.

Mr. Giuseppe Lucchese, Head of UniMe International Mobility Unit, focused on the international mobility opportunities that the University offers.

Mr. Renato Carnevale, Local Exchange and Research Officer SISM-Messina, gave an outlook of the SISM association and its international opportunities.

Marco Ferlazzo, MD, President of the Multi-specialist Clinical Institute COT of Messina, described the different opportunities offered by the private hospitals.


During the event, freshmen received a welcome token. Moreover, Alessandro Sarò 1st year, Alfredo Muratore 2nd year, Danilo Masi 3rd year and Simona Calabrese 4th year, have been awarded for the best academic career of the academic year 2021/22. Abdul Raouf Mastan Sheik Abdullah, currently 5th year student, received a special mention for his pursuit of academic excellence, collaboration and integrity.


The event was followed by the “Inaugural White Coat Ceremony” which marks the student’s transition from the study of preclinical to clinical health sciences,

organised with the significant collaboration of the Student Ambassador Program Poli Unit. Although the event is typically dedicated to 3rd year students, it has been opened to 4th and 5th year ones since, due to COVID-19 restrictions, did not get the chance to participate.


The ceremony is considered as a rite of passage in the journey toward a healthcare career. It displays the world of medical caring and the ethics that physicians to-be have to follow since their first day of training in light of complexities of 21st-century practice. After having received the white coat placed on each own shoulders by Faculty members, the students have recited the oath as part of the UniMe-IMS community.


To conclude, students had the opportunity to interact with the speakers and professors of the UniMe-IMS present and to take group photos.